Saving Money by Saving the Planet

One of the most popular reasons we hear against for “going green” is that it will cost more. But that’s a myth. The fact is that going green is one of the best things you can do to save your green! Going green is nearly impossible without embracing minimalism and frugality. Claiming to have gone green and then going out and buying a bunch of new things, like electronics or a new car, is a good indication that you misunderstand what it really means to be environmentally conscious.

Below are some of the many ways that going green can save you money:

Minimalism is Cheap

The great thing about being environmentally conscious is that it means getting rid of things you don’t need, including those items that you wouldn’t think leave a carbon footprint, such as gadgets and large unnecessary appliances. These items either leave a footprint simply by running or a footprint was created when they were made and you are perpetuating that cycle. Also, something to consider: smaller places are easier to heat and cool; you’ll save money there as well.

Running Water Isn’t Free

One of the surprising facts of adulthood is that water costs money. Going green means doing little things to save water. By air drying our clothes, buying energy efficient washers and dishwashers, and making other small behavioral changes, we can save water, which lowers that pesky water bill.

Efficient Homes are Cheaper

One important way to be environmentally conscious while trying to pinch a couple pennies requires spending a couple pennies up front. What this means is making our homes more efficient usually means making improvements, like efficient appliances and better insulation, along with (maybe) some solar panels. This may be an expensive investment, but you will ultimately save that amount of money, and then every cent you save after that point is actually money earned.

Of course, there are many other different ways to save by going green, and we encourage you to check them out! As you investigate this more, check out the following resources featuring more good information.